Bassam Alameddine

Bassam Alameddine

Acting President, Professor, VP for Acad. AffairsE000692
President Management Office, VP for Academic Affairs Office

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Professor Bassam Alameddine is an accomplished professional whose unique blend of instruction, research, and executive program oversight experience has earned him a reputation as an academic leader who not only creates the vision and strategy but drives the team through successful execution. He effectively builds and mentors talented teams while working to enhance programs, optimize curricula and improve student success through overseeing academic and faculty affairs. Guiding academic organizations toward the attainment of goals and objectives is where Professor Alameddine excels. For more than a decade, Professor Alameddine has been a distinguished member of the Gulf University for Science and Technology where he has progressed through numerous roles, starting out as an Assistant Professor, and receiving promotions to Full Professor, Director of Graduate Studies and Research, and currently, VP of Academic Affairs and Acting President. His contributions to the organization’s growth and success have been numerous. He has established the culture and created curriculum standards that focus on improving student success while also expanding learning opportunities to support a broader student population. One of his most recent accomplishments was leading the preparation and submission of a proposal to the Ministry of Higher Education to establish the College of Engineering and Architecture. Leading the full initiative, Professor Alameddine worked closely with internal and external stakeholders on the college build-out, development of academic programs, and selection criteria and progress of future administrative leaders. In addition to this significant accomplishment, Professor Alameddine has introduced several new departments, majors, and minors, expanding opportunities for students. He has served as a valuable member of the organization throughout his tenure, leveraging his skills in people and program leadership, grant and funds management, strategic planning, and culture refinement to shape the future of the institution. Prior to his tenure at GUST, Professor Alameddine held numerous administrative titles while also serving as Assistant Professor and Visiting Research Professor for multiple global higher education institutions, including Columbia University in New York, various Lebanese universities, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, and the University of Fribourg. In addition to his academic leadership and teaching experience, Professor Alameddine has built an impressive research background. He has been awarded numerous grants to support his research projects in areas such as organic and polymer materials for optoelectronics, gas storage and separation, supramolecular systems, and environmental remediation. Through building a cast network of partnerships with fellow scholars from global institutions and serving as a consultant across various industries, Professor Alameddine had supported the advancement of research efforts across the chemistry and materials science engineering field. Professor Alameddine earned a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Fribourg to compliment his Master of Science in Materials Science Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute - ENSIACET, and his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Beirut Arab University. His well-rounded academic background and professional strengths have been the foundation of his career success to date.

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General Chemistry Basic Chemistry Principles Environmental Chemistry Organic Chemistry

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Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Chemistry