Yousef M Al Eneze

Mathematics & Natural Science Department

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Yousef Aleneze graduated with BSc in Bioinformatics from Loyola University Chicago, in which he focused on evolutionary phylogenetics of HIV-1 to identify potential RNAi targets, before pursuing joining the Research Directorate where he monitored Kuwait-MIT research projects and other International inter-disciplinary research projects. Yousef completed his MSc degree (Distinction) in Biotechnology from the University of Glasgow in which his thesis under the supervision of Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre Institute based on glioblastoma stem cell pre-clinical drug target validation study. His current research interests include therapeutic macromolecule design, particularly in the fields of Oncology and Virology. Currently, he is working on drug repositioning pre-clinical Experimental Therapeutics in the field of Immuno-Oncology for lung cancer (NSCLC). Post-CRISPR genome editing short training at Cambridge, UK, he is also currently engaged in designing CRISPR and other genome editing plasmids to modify human hematopoietic stem cells into HIV-1 resistant cells as a chassis towards a functional cure for HIV-1.

Teaching Interest(s)

Environmental Science Biology Physical Health and Fitness

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Protein Design Vaccine Design Immuno-oncology Grant/Research Management (KFAS)