Abdullah A AlFalah

Abdullah A AlFalah

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Executive Education Center, Economics & Finance Department

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Dr.Abdullah is an assistant professor in The Economic and Finance Department at Gulf University for Science and Technology. Dr. Alfalah's primary research focus is on real estate investment and finance. He dedicated his Master's and Ph.D. theses to Kuwait's real estate market, its main challenges, solutions, and the consequences on the Kuwaiti economy. He published five papers exploring the situation in the housing market in Kuwait; he constructed the Kuwait Housing Index and Kuwait Housing Affordability Index and shed light on the central issues in the Kuwait market and how to overcome them. In addition to Dr. Alfalah's five years of experience in teaching and academia, he has 19 years of practical experience in international real estate investment. Over that time, he established and managed many real estate investment funds in the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. His exposure to these markets and long years of practical experience have donated significantly to his academic contribution by linking the theoretical part to the real world. Dr. Alfalah consulted in The Council of Ministers of Kuwait, The National Assembly of Kuwait, and real estate companies.

Teaching Interest(s)

Real estate investment, Real Estate Appraisal, Fundamentals of Finance, Fundamentals of investment, Portfolio management

Expertise Area(s)

Internation Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Appraisal, Portfolio management