Laila A. Al-Terkawi

Accounting & MIS Department

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About the Faculty Member

Laila Al-Terkawi is a full-time instructor at GUST University, and she is working with the MIS department under the College of Business since 2009. After receiving her bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Kuwait University in 2004, Laila joined the computer engineering department at Kuwait University for a year as a research assistant. She took her master's degree in computer engineering at Kuwait University. Recently, Laila started her PhD program in Computer Science at the University of Kent in UK. Laila has been working at GUST since 2005. She worked for four years as a teaching assistant with the computer science and the MIS departments. She had taught some courses as a part-timer before she became a full-time instructor of MIS. Laila is excellent in teaching networking, computer architecture, and algorithms courses. Besides, she is a good teacher of programming languages such as C++ and Java and teaches and develops mobile, Android-based, applications. Laila is a member of the curriculum department and college committees. Laila is continuing her Academic career as she started her PhD degree at University of Kent.

Teaching Interest(s)

Programming courses such as; C, C++, Java, and functional languages as Scala. Mobile application development; Android-based and iOS-based. Database, data structures, networking, and web-design and web development.

Expertise Area(s)

Distributed Computing, Parallel computing, genetic algorithms, machine learning, Defect-Based testing, and Quantum Circuit Optimization