Jean-Paul Arnaout

Jean-Paul Arnaout

College of Business Administration Management, Business Administration Dept

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Prof. Dr. JEAN-PAUL ARNAOUT is a Full Professor of Production/Operations Management and the Dean of the College of Business Administration at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). Prof. Arnaout has extensive administrative experience, where he initially served as the Head of the Business Administration Department for two consecutive terms, then the Associate Dean of the College of Business and Chair of the AACSB Steering Committee, leading the CBA’s efforts and successfully achieving the Extension of the AACSB Accreditation. Before joining GUST in 2013, Prof. Arnaout was an assistant professor then associate professor of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management at the Lebanese American University. Prof. Arnaout holds a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, with a concentration in Operations Research from Old Dominion University, USA. Prof. Arnaout developed several simulation and optimization models in several areas, including but not limited to port operations, supply chain, agriculture, energy, and healthcare. His Research interests include Optimization Techniques and Metaheuristics, Modeling and Simulation, and Scheduling and Rescheduling. His articles have appeared in Annals of Operations Research, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, International Transactions in Operational Research, Simulation, Journal of Manufacturing Systems, as a sampling.

Teaching Interest(s)

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT - GUST: Undergraduate courses (BA): MGMT201: Intro to Management; MGMT321: Intro to Operations Management; MGMT331: Project Management; MGMT381: Business Research Methods Graduate courses (MBA): MGMT511: Quantitative Methods in Business; MGMT522: Service Operations management INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT – LAU Undergraduate courses: INE345/346: Production Control; INE350/351: Simulation and Lab; INE443: Quality Control II; MEE212: Computer Applications in IME; INE593: Capstone Engineering Design; GNE331: Probability and Statistics. Graduate courses: INE711: Advanced Simulation; INE749: Supply Chain Management; INE746: Materials Handling; INE707: Network Flows; INE724: Quality Management Systems.

Expertise Area(s)

Operations Research, Scheduling, Simulation, Metaheuristics