Cathy E. Daniel

Cathy E. Daniel

Assistant Professor
English Department, English Department

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Dr. Cathy Daniel is an Assistant Professor of Education at Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST). After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Daniel pursued a career in business. Her interest in teaching motivated her change careers. Upon completing her teacher certification, she began teaching elementary students as a second career. From 1992 to 1994, Dr. Daniel served as a Reading Recovery teacher in an inner city urban elementary school. In 1994, Dr. Daniel received her Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction. In 2000, she received her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University; USA in the area of Curriculum & Instruction. Upon moving to Kuwait in 2000, Dr. Daniel worked as a Reading Specialist and Literacy Consultant at the American School of Kuwait. In 2004, she established an educational consultancy that served students with reading difficulties. In the spring of 2006, Dr. Daniel joined Gulf University for Science and Technology as a faculty member teaching in GUST's Secondary English Education Program.

Teaching Interest(s)

Primary and secondary education foundation courses, educational psychology, assessment, language arts methods courses (primary & secondary)

Expertise Area(s)

Education - Literacy Development and Disorders