Ali A. Dashti

Ali A. Dashti

Associate Professor
Mass Communication Department

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About the Faculty Member

Dr. Ali A Dashti is an Associate Professor in the Mass Communication Department. Before joining GUST in 2011, he was a Teaching Assistant in the Mass Communication Department at Kuwait University from 1995 to 2011. Dr Dashti has worked in numerous fields such as, staff writer for school newspapers, TV reporting, public relations, political campaigns, and media consultancy. He has published numerous papers related to media studies. His PhD dissertation is titled “The Effect of Online Journalism on the freedom of the Press: The Case of Kuwait”. Dr. Dashti has taught introductory and advanced courses in Mass Communication and served in various committees. In 1990, he served in the US Army during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a translator for the 66th Military Intelligence (MI) 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. He is the author of “Sergeant over One Week”, “How 0.10 Can Change Your Life” and co-author Media Law in Kuwait.

Teaching Interest(s)

These are the courses I taught and my interest: Introduction to Mass Communication, Communication Layout & Design, Introduction to Information Technology, Introduction to Public Relations, Advertising, Communication Campaigns, Communication Theories, Research Methods in Mass Communication, Cases in PR/Advertising, Internship, Basic Computer Skill, Media Ethics, Media & Society, History of Media in Kuwait & the Gulf States, Self-Learning Skills and critical thinking, public speaking and Media literacy.

Expertise Area(s)

Online Journalism, Public Relations, Journalism and Information Technology