Manal G. El-Kady

Manal G. El-Kady

Assistant Professor
Social Sciences & Humanities

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After receiving her bachelor's degree in French Language and Literature from Alexandria University in 1987, Manal Hosny joined the College of Education as a language instructor. In 1994, she obtained a Master degree in Contemporary French Literature and in 2001, a PhD in Comparative Nineteenth Century Civilization. In 1997, she became a Senior Lecturer at Alexandria University and in 2001 she was appointed Assistant Professor in the French Department. She joined GUST at 2006 as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Hosny has broad interests in Nineteenth Century French Studies. Her fascination with the Tocquevillian Studies is linked to her subfield: the relation between literature, politics and history. She is also engaged in the study of the work of the Egyptian French-speaking writers.

Teaching Interest(s)

French and Francophone Studies 19th Century French Literature French as a Foreign Language Cross-Cultural topics

Expertise Area(s)

19th Century French Cultural Studies, French language teaching.