Harun Kurkcu

Harun Kurkcu

Assistant ProfessorE000871
Mathematics & Science Department

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Harun Kurkcu is an Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Natural Sciences Department at Gulf University for Science and Technology. He has been employed at Gust from Fall 2012 until the present time. He has been teaching Precalculus, Basic Calculus, Introduction to Differential, Analytic Geometry & Calculus I, Contemporary Mathematics, College Algebra, and Elementary Linear Algebra. Before joining GUST in 2012, he was employed as an Assistant Professor at TOBB ETU -a private university in Ankara, Turkey. Prior to his position at TOBB University, he had worked with his advisor on a project for 1 year between September 2010 and September 2011 at University of Minnesota. Upon his graduation, he joined Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Canada as a visiting faculty. During his stay at SFU, he completed two different postdocs; one within the mathematics department and one joint industrial project with Mitacs- a private geophysics company based in British Columbia, Canada. He completed his graduate studies and earned hid Ph. D in Industrial and Applied Mathematics with a specialization in “High Frequency Scattering of Infinite Rough Surfaces" at University of Minnesota,...

Teaching Interest(s)

My teaching interests lie in the areas of teaching wide range of courses, professional development of high school math and science teachers, creating science and math awareness among all K-12 students.

Expertise Area(s)

Applied Math Courses; Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modelling