Keziban Kurkcu

English Foundation Unit

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Keziban Kurkcu is an English instructor with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction of English as a Second Language at Gulf University for Science and Technology. Her pedagogical interests include empowering students to succeed and realize their individual goals. More specifically, she aims to teach the fundamentals of English language by means of developing and implementing creative materials that reach every student’s learning style and ability. Keziban Kurkcu has been employed in English Foundation Unit at Gust as a language teacher from Fall 2014 until present time. She taught ENGL 097C, 097B, 097A, 098 courses, and previously ENGL 100 & 110 & 112 undergrad courses. She served as the Writing Quality Control officer and the Reading Quality Control officer. She has served as a member on the Assessment Committee (EAC) for two consecutive semesters and Achieve3000 review committee, which has started to be implemented as an individualized reading program for the first time in 2016-2017 academic year. During the academic year of 2017-2018. She was elected as the Admin person for Achieve3000 due to her experience in using the program in her previous teaching experience. She is currently teaching ENGL 097 and 098 courses in English Foundation Unit.

Expertise Area(s)

Experience in teaching English as a second language; Proficient in developing teaching materials and communicative activities for integrated skills lessons; Solid background in adjusting and using multimedia educational materials; Application of academic computer technologies in the teaching process; Practical knowledge of newcomer settlement and adaptation issues; Augmented student learning through one-on-one instruction for non-English speaking students; Partnered student with advanced bilingual student ensuring a comfortable learning experience and ability to actively participate in the learning process; Increased reading levels devoting additional time on Reading and Language Arts within the classroom; Effectively altered lessons to accommodate lower reading and language levels; Motivated students to take charge of their own learning and set their own goals; Documented progress, enhancing student improvement in both understanding and performance; Maintained effective be