Khaled ElMawazini

Khaled ElMawazini

Associate Professor
Economics & Finance Department

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About the Faculty Member

Khaled Elmawazini is associate professor of economics at Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST). Previously, he was a visiting assistant professor of economics and business at Albright College (United States) and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa (Canada). He serves as a referee for several international journals in economics and business (e.g. Journal of Technology Transfer (JCR impact factor2013: 1.3)). He has published 20 journal articles (e.g. Industry and Innovation (JCR impact factor 2013: 1.16)) and book chapters on technology transfer, foreign direct investment, labor productivity, globalization, income inequality, and stock market efficiency. He has received many awards and grants including, Research Grant of KD 7150/- funded by KFAS in 2015 for his research project entitled “The Impact of Regulatory Policies on Innovation: A comparison between GCC and OECD Countries​& quot;, Albright Creative Research Award in Economics and Business and KIMEP Award for Excellence in Research. In addition, he has a work experience with international development and decision support systems of about eleven years.

Teaching Interest(s)

I have a teaching experience in the following eighteen (19) undergraduate and graduate (DBA/MA/MBA) courses: 1-3 Econometrics (DBA / MA/ MBA) 4- Quantitative Analysis (DBA) 5- Macroeconomics (MA) 6- Economic and Business Forecasting (MA) 7- Economics for Managers (MBA) 8- Advanced Topics in Economics (MBA) 9- Industrial Organization 10- Government and Business, 11- Managerial Economics 12- World Economy, 13- Principles of microeconomics 14- Principles of macroeconomics 15- Introduction to Econometrics 16- Statistical Analysis for Economics and Business 17- Money, Banking and Monetary Theory, 18- Economic Development. 19- International Finance In addition, I supervised dozens of theses and research projects at undergraduate and graduate (DBA/MA /MBA) levels. The average of my teaching evaluations is (4.3/5) during the period 2005-Present.

Expertise Area(s)

Multinational Enterprises, Panel Data Applied Econometrics, Technology Transfer, Human Development, and Host Country Absorptive Capacity