Luay H. Tahat

Luay H. Tahat

Associate Professor, Coordinator
Accounting & MIS Department

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Luay Tahat is an Associate Professor of the Management Information Systems at Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait since 2008. Before that, Dr. Tahat was the lead Mobile Network Solution Architect at Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) in Naperville, USA. Also, He was a part-time professor at Illinois Institute of Technology/Illinois Tech (IIT), Chicago, USA. In addition to the academic experience, Dr. Tahat has more than 15 years of professional/industrial networking experience at AT&T, Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia currently), and IBM over mobile and fixed networks. In his time in the industry, He has held several positions in software development for advanced GSM features, system engineering for VoIP, system architect for 3rd Generation Mobile Switching Center, lead solution architect for a mobile solution, and finally a lead Business Analyst for consumer's voice over IP (cVoIP) and IP Television (IPTV). Dr. Tahat was part of the team that designed and architected Alcatel-Lucent 3rd Generation Mobile, VoIP switches, and Dual Mode Service Solution. Also, Dr. Tahat contributed to several journals and conference proceedings in the area of software engineering and wireless technology. The results of his research were published in more than 40 International conferences and Journals. Dr. Tahat has a master’s degree in computer science from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and a Ph.D. in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology/Illinois Tech (IIT), also in Chicago, USA in 2007. His research interest including Software Engineering, Model-Based Testing, Test Suite Prioritization, Mobile Network Solutions, System Impact Analysis, and Network Management Architecture.

Teaching Interest(s)

Computer Network, Software Engineering, System Analysis and design, Management Information Systems, Data Analytics, E-Commerce, and and DataBase

Expertise Area(s)

Software Testing, Software Engineering, Mobile Network, Computer Networks