Sam D Toglaw

Assistant Professor
Business Administration Department

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About the Faculty Member

Dr. Toglaw is a senior lecturer of marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. He completed his PhD in Business administration from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2006. He has more than 20 years of academic and industry experience mainly in education, training, marketing, consultancy and startup business management and development. Dr. Toglaw has special interest in integrated marketing communications and social innovation in the tourism industry. He is the author of the “Social Media 4 Entrepreneurial Marketing” book which was published in 2021. Besides his international publications, his case studies were published by McGraw Hills consumer behavior textbooks which are taught in many universities worldwide.

Teaching Interest(s)

I believe teaching is the art of transferring knowledge and assisting students to apply it in real life. Knowledge is powerful but it is useless if not applied in useful ways. I trust that the underpinning knowledge should be passed first in simple, informative and interesting ways using a mix of auditory, visual, kinesthetic and interactive methods supported with case studies and examples from real world. I strongly believe that a good teacher is the one who puts effort to know very well three elements: the subject, the students and the learning objectives. Also, a good teacher is an educator who acts as a mentor that influences and shapes students’ skills, behavior and attitude. Passion for teaching and love for students are two faces of the education coin. However, “When one teaches, two learn”. For me it is a renewable experience that gives me a great opportunity to become a better educator by updating the subject, developing creative ways of interaction and applying innovative methods of education. Teaching is the highest form of understanding and to teach is to touch lives forever.

Expertise Area(s)

Through my teaching experience, I have practiced problem and project-based learning and found it an effective approach to teach students how to work in teams, think critically, overcome challenges, produce solutions, gain skills and attain hands-on experience. Learning by doing is lifelong and hard to forget. This student-centered approach is essential to give students choice and voice in their assessment projects. It promotes positive collaboration and profound understanding. In addition, I focused on arranging site visits to companies and organizations in the industry and I found this tactic very effective in elevating student’s learning experience as these visits show them how the learned knowledge is linked and applied practically in a real world.