Mohamed O. Musa

Mohamed O. Musa

Assistant Professor
Mathematics & Natural Science Department

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I am an Assistant Professor of Physics in the College of Arts and Science. I received Hons. BSc in physics from the University of Toronto, MSc in physics from the University of Western Ontario and PhD in physics from the University of British Columbia. My PhD thesis was about quantum-state specific detection of hydrogen molecules that formed on the surface of a zirconium crystal using resonant multiphoton ionization techniuqes whereas my postdoctoral work focused on multiphoton free-free transitions in electron-atom collisions. After postdoctoral work, I joined the Department of Physics at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia as an assistant professor in October 2007. In the following year, I moved to Kuwait to join the Gulf University for Science and Technology as an assistant professor. My current research focuses on 1) multiphoton transitions in strongly-coupled atom-cavity systems; 2) utilization of neural networks to solve dynamical problems in physics and mathematics. Regarding teaching, I have a long experience. During my graduate studies, I either taught or participated in teaching physics courses ranging from introductory to advanced, both lecture courses (1st year physics, modern physics, advanced classical mechanics, first year laboratory, advanced optics laboratory, etc.).

Teaching Interest(s)

Introductory physics, conceptual physics, classical mechanics, electronics, optics, laser physics, high resolutions spectroscopy, instrument programming, data acquisition instrumentation, quantum optics.

Expertise Area(s)

Physics: Introductory Physics, Classical Mechanics, Conceptual Physics, Physics for Non-Science Majors, Experimental Physics, Ultrahigh Vacuum Design and Operation, Instrument Programming, Data Analysis, Electronics, Modern Physics, Spectroscopy, Laser physics and Optics. Mathematics: Neural networks