Date posted
January 21, 2024

Social Media Officer

Key Role

Create graphics, templates, designs and content (videography and photography) for the PR Department or any other GUST department at the discretion of the PR Director.


  1. Research social media communication trends, best practices, policies, procedures, and accessibility in both the private and public sectors. Identifies and assesses potential opportunities for GUST to use social media tools to enhance the scope, versatility, and breadth of communication; and makes recommendations for their integration at GUST.
  2. Contribute, with the PR team, to the development of GUST social media strategy and policy and takes the lead for their implementation. The development of GUST social media strategy and policy taking the lead for implementation. Develops, proposes, and implements social media guidelines, procedures, templates, tools, reporting methodologies, standards, retention schedules in compliance with GUST policies.
  3. Monitor, review, and analyze comments and conversations on GUST’s social media sites and on external social media to identify insights, emerging trends, risks, and impact on GUST, looking for opportunities for engagement. Liaises and consults with colleagues for appropriate actions.
  4. Develop recommendations on how to respond to complex and sensitive social media inquiries and issues and reviews them with PR Unit Head. Advises the team on recommended approaches and potential repercussions.
  5. Work with the PR Unit Head, Specialist and Senior Graphic Designer to source, create (i.e., write short original content), edit, and post multi-media content on social media sites, including video dissemination on YouTube Channel or on website, and for distribution to external stakeholders; maintains all social media platforms for GUST; ensures timeliness and quality of all activities given their visibility to the public.
  6. Consult with internal and external stakeholders when targeting events for which social media will be used and carries out live tweeting where appropriate.


Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Communications or related field.

Professional Certificates



  • A minimum of 1 year in a professional field-related job supported by internships/freelancing experience.
  • Knowledge of media communications and digital marketing tools.

Job Specific Competencies

  • Graphic Design
  • Videography
  • Photography and editing preferable
  • Strong compassionate communicator who is flexible and passionate about media and content.

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