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Competing Officially as GUST Falcons

24 September 2017

GUST announced that all of its athletics teams will be competing as the GUST Falcons starting this year. Having been given that nickname for some time, GUST decided to make it official, solidifying their nickname into a mascot representing the university spirit.


The moniker was chosen for a number of reasons.  Primarily, the falcon was used as a hunting partner in the Gulf region for many generations, and so it has deep roots to local heritage and folklore.  Falcons are also known for their speed – known to have reached speeds of 242 mph – making it the fastest animal on record ever.  They are also famous for being indefatigable – capable of flapping their wings four times a second.

These attributes of strength, partnership, and speed make it the perfect symbol for the GUST sports team which have seen much success in recent years.


GUST President, Professor Donald Bates, said “Choosing the mascot was not an easy task, but the symbolism behind this majestic creature, and what it represents in the region, seemed like a perfect fit to represent our view of GUST, what it values, and how our athletes view themselves.”


The Athletics Department at GUST coaches six different teams for both male and female athletes, including: basketball, volleyball, football, squash, tennis, and table tennis. All teams are designated experienced coaches to ensure that the athletes’ talents are honed and developed.  


Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Raghad Al-Kazemi, said “The university made this decision to solidify our teams’ stance in competitions, shining a light on their spirit, hard work, perseverance, and strengthens our sense of identity and fraternity on and off the field. We are very proud of them all.”


The teams have had quite a year competing, and winning, local and international competitions. GUST’s women’s football team triumphed and won first place at the annual University Athletics Association of Kuwait (UAAK) championship in the last spring semester. This comes as the second UAAK football title win for GUST’s women in three years. While the GUST men’s football team attended and won 1st place at the 2017 Belgrade International University Sports Tournament (BeST) in Belgrade, Serbia. The tournament brought together 17 different universities from across Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East to compete at an international level, experience different cultures, and forge international friendships.


GUST is known locally and regionally for its superlative sports facilities, which include a fully equipped gym with modern equipment, a swimming pool, squash courts, a basketball court, and a FIFA-accredited outdoor soccer field.