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GUST Launches Seed Grants for Faculty Research

19 December 2019

GUST officially launched new seed grants for faculty research through its Graduate Studies and Research Office. This comes as part of GUST’s strategy and vision on growing and developing its research potential and output.

All faculty were given the opportunity to apply for the seed grant, and 12 recipients were selected. A meeting was held for the recipients to present their research subject matter, timeline and goals. Present at the meeting was GUST BOT Chairman, Mohammad Al-Bahar, President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, Vice President for Professional Development and Community Services, and Director of the Graduate Studies and Research Office, Dr. Bassam Alameddine. Visiting guest from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Dr. Joseph Smith, also attended the meeting.



GUST President, Professor Walid Bouhamra, said “We all know that GUST is a teaching institution, but it’s also important that we improve on our research for many reasons - and perhaps one of the most important reasons is the quality of teaching.”




The faculty recipients of the first-ever seed grants were:


Dr. Ahmed Hassanein, Assistant Professor, Accounting & MIS

Research: Stock Market's reaction to Forward-looking and Risk Disclosures Driven by Corporate Governance of Firms listed on Kuwait Stock Exchange



Dr. Saeed Askary, Associate Professor, Accounting & MIS

Research: Enhancing internationalization capabilities of SMEs in Kuwait in integrating into the global supply chain markets



Dr. Khalid Kisswani, Associate Professor, Economics & Finance

Research: Testing the effect of electricity consumption on CO2 levels in Kuwait: linear vs. nonlinear analysis



Dr. Fadi Deeb, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Research: Population Search-based Methods for Automatic Graph Layout



Dr. Israa Hussein, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Research: Indoor Localization in wireless networks using RSSI and Zigbee: A case-study from Kuwait



Dr. Deniz Inan Erguvan, Assistant Professor, English

Research: Assessing Rater Behavior in Freshman Composition Classes at GUST



Dr. Mohammed Nuruzzaman, Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences

Research: Rivals in the Middle East: A Constructivist Interpretation of Iran – Saudi Arabia Relations



Mr. Firas Al-Masri, Lab Instructor, Math & Natural Sciences

Research: Study the Acoustic Response of Ultrasonically Stimulated Microbubbles to Enhance Drug



Dr. Fawaz Azizieh, Associate Professor, Math & Natural Sciences

Research: Identification and Characterization of Novel Programmed Cell Death (PCD) Pathways in Yeast



Dr. Danish Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Math & Natural Sciences

Research: Three-dimensional random walk models of individual animal movement with application to trapping of small organisms



Dr. Angela Brunstein, Associate Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences

Research: Building Integrated Models on Human Explicit and Implicit Behavior


Dr. Harun Aydilek, Associate Professor, Math & Natural Sciences

Research: A Novel Approach to Minimize Total Completion Time in a Two-Machine Flowshop with Stochastic Setup Times


This is one of many initiatives that the university is pursuing to continue to encourage and develop GUST’s faculty research in order to position GUST as a leading academic and research hub locally, regionally, and internationally. 


Congratulations to all the faculty recipients!