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GUST Student Assists Professor in Publishing Top-Tier Journal Article

11 September 2019

GUST student, Sarah Al-Sabah, assisted Visiting Professor of Economics and Finance, Dr. Talat S. Genc, in researching and publishing a paper entitled: “Who Should Own a Renewable Technology: Ownership Theory and an Application”in the top-tier journal: International Journal of Industrial Organization.



The research investigates market implications for the ownership of new, low-cost production technology. In the article, theoretical findings are used to evaluate the impact of renewable energy penetration into electricity markets, and examine how the ownership of renewable capacity can change market outcomes (prices, outputs and emissions). As current public policies influence renewable energy ownership, their research provides useful insights for policymakers and governments. It shows how and why the ownership of renewable capacity matters when there is market power in energy industries. Findings are then applied to the wholesale electricity market in Ontario, Canada to analyze the impact of different ownership structures for wind capacity expansions.


Al-Sabah, expected to graduate in Fall 2019, played an integral part in the process in which she studied the research questions, carried out a literature review, and contributed to the findings under the tutelage of Dr. Genc, a visiting professor from University of Guelph, Canada . A key takeaway from the paper is that small firms should be permitted by governments to operate and produce green energy; an implication that when the time comes for Kuwait to implement alternative energy, should favor small and independent solar energy firms over big ones in order to expand power capacity and reduce prices.


Dr. Genc, said “There are some high-caliber undergraduate students at GUST who are capable of doing research. They should be encouraged to take part in knowledge creation. I have chosen Sarah to work with me on the project because she has great potential to contribute to science.” 


The International Journal of Industrial Organization (IJIO)is a premier journal published by Elsevier in the field of Industrial Economics. IJIO is ranked as Q1 and A-level journal by many ranking institutions. It aims at full coverage of theoretical and empirical questions in industrial organization including classic questions of strategic behavior and market structure.


GUST Marketing student, Sarah Al-Sabah, said “Working on this project has taught me how to research professionally. I learned how to efficiently capture valuable information through careful reading, and now appreciate the hard work and creativity needed to address significant research questions that ultimately contribute value to society.”


GUST has always stressed the importance of hands-on, practical training, partly dictated by the mandatory Internship Course each student must undertake before graduation. This exercise between Dr. Genc and Al-Sabah is another example of how to creatively engage students to reach their potential through practical application of their knowledge and skills. 


For those interested, the paper is available online at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167718718301097