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Bdeina 6 Summer Camp Concludes at GUST

28 July 2019 to 25 August 2019

GUST hosted Boubyan Bank, who concluded this year’s Bdiena Summer Camp which took place on campus. The 12-day camp, which was done in coordination with our Professional Advancement and Continuing Education Center (PACE), included two groups of campers with a total of 50 participants and was exclusive to Boubyan Bank clients. 


Now in its 6th year, the camp focused on instilling and enhancing effective leadership and entrepreneurship skills through several activities and projects. These included entrepreneurship classes, team building games and activities, physical and mental challenges, competitive team games trip, fun field trips, and a final project which included a presentations of a variety of startup concepts.


The closing ceremony was attended by Bouyan Bank GM of Human Resources Group, Adel Al Hammad, and GUST HR Director, Nawaf Al Khalaf, and participant family members, and included a presentation of all the startup concept projects.


It is worth noting that GUST has been the Exclusive Academic Partner for Boubyan Bank’s “ITQAN Academy” since 2012, a program which the banks uses for developing human resources academically through specialized accredited administrative science programs.