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Foundation Program Unit Holds Orientation for New Students

12 September 2018 to 26 September 2018

The Foundation Program Unit (FPU) held a dedicated orientation for its new students this week in collaboration with the student-run Foundation Club. The main objective of this event is to familiarize new GUST students to the FPU.



Dr. Ilene Winokur opened the orientation with a welcome message and advice for students on how to perform their best. Michael McMurray and Ghada Al Abdulaly, FPU English Instructors, gave an overview of the FPU’s mission and vision, as well as the different services and facilities available to the students. The students then had the chance to play a round of the online game, Kahoot, to test their knowledge on the material they’ve learned about the program this week.



A follow up to the orientation will be held next week, on September 19, and will focus more on the program syllabus, common assessments, policies and procedures, by course section and level.