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GUST’s Dr. Ibrahim Alhiyari Publishes Article in Prestigious Academic Journal

7 March 2019

Dr. Ibrahim Alhiyari, Assistant Professor at GUST’s Arts & Sciences Department, published an article in February titled, Thomas Watson’s Father, William: A Renowned, Self-Made, London Draper in American Notes and Queries Journal (ANQ). The article unveils the implications of the discovery of a new Renaissance court document involving renowned poet Thomas Watson’s father, William Watson.


Dr. Alhiyari discovered a new Renaissance court document in which William, the father of the poet Thomas Watson (1555-1592) files a suit against the mayor of Newcastle, Lord Chamberlain Cuthbert Ellyson, for making him a fleece coat and not paying for it. Based on Alhiyari’s earlier evidence in his Ph.D. dissertation, William was a well-known London draper, clothier, and tailor of fancy dresses and outfits.


After more than a decade of his initial discoveries on Watson in which he established a new birth year in mid 1555, the identity and privileged socio-economic station of his parents, uncle, and maternal grandmother, Dr. Alhiyari’s latest revelation sheds light in this latest research on the well-educated background of his father who in addition to running his successful drapery business was also an orator of good renown. Commenting on Alhiyari’s discoveries, Michael J. Hirrel, a Watsonian scholar, states in Lost Plays in Shakespeare’s England: “Ibrahim Alhiyari has discovered a trove of documents the full impact of which remains to be considered.”


American Notes and Queries Journal (ANQ), is a prestigious quarterly journal of short Articles, notes, and reviews. It is listed under Scopus database, MLA International Bibliography, among others. It features short research-based articles about the literature of the English-speaking world and the language of literature.