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GUST Hosts Lecture on Middle Eastern Femininity

10 April 2019 to 30 April 2019

Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) Global Studies Center (GSC) hosted a public lecture on its campus by Dr. Haneen Ghabra, on the subject of her recent book, Muslim women and white femininity: reenactment and resistance.

Dr. Ghabra is an Assistant Professor in the Mass Communication Department at Kuwait University, and was the recent recipient of the Outstanding Article Award in the National Communication Association’s Feminist Division. Her lecture examined the concepts of Middle Eastern femininity as constructed through a Western, or “white” prism. The lecture focused on how “whiteness” travels through Muslim women’s bodies, who in turn either reenact or resist white womanhood. She described a method of archetypal criticism used in her research that readers can use to deconstruct dominant discourses in the media. 

Director of the Global Studies Center, Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait, said, “It is a great opportunity to host someone like Dr. Ghabra with such a strong academic background in critical race studies and feminism. Her engagement with international debates on women's issues and their representation is dually informed by her own position as a Muslim, Arab women living in Kuwait. I think it is especially empowering for our students to hear from someone with such a perspective that brings together local, regional and global conversations about identity, power and gender."

With this lecture, GUST continues to build on its mission to become a knowledge-hub that benefits and engages students, academics, and the wider community in Kuwait. Recent events hosted by the GSC include a discussion by Dr. Benoît Pelopidas of Sciences Po shedding light on the limits of our existing knowledge in managing nuclear weapons, a presentation by Ms. Wafa Al Sayed of the London School of Economics on the geopolitics and domestic policy in post-oil Kuwait & Bahrain, as well as an event with Professor Hazem Kandil of Cambridge University examining the question of Why America Goes to War. Further information on past and upcoming lectures and events can be found at: https://gsc.gust.edu.kw.