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GUST Professor Publishes in Top 50 Journal

24 February 2022 to 15 March 2022


Kuwait City, 22 February 2022: Gulf University for Science and Technology’s (GUST) Visiting Professor of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Saadi, published a paper titled Does CEO Risk Aversion Affect Carbon Emission? in the peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Business Ethics. The paper was also co-authored by Central Michigan University’s Dr. Abu S. Amin, and Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Dr. Ashrafee Hossain.


The paper used CEO insider debt holding to show that CEO’s risk-aversion encourages immoral yet rational decisions of emitting more greenhouse gases thereby adversely affecting the firm’s long-run sustainability. The findings also suggest that to mitigate potential adverse reactions from stakeholders, carbon emitting firms with risk-averse CEOs tend to spend more on Corporate Social Responsibilities activities.


Being published in the Journal of Business Ethics is an immense feat, as it is one of the 50 journals used by the Financial Times also known as the FT50, which also crowns journals’ long-term reputation. In addition, the journal is ranked 3/56 in ethics based on the “Journal Citation Reports®” which is an annual report that ranks academic journals in natural sciences and social sciences.


Head of the Economics and Finance Department, Dr. Khaled Elmawazini, said “I send the warmest of congratulations to Prof. Mohamed Samir Saadi for this achievement. This publication is an example of diverse research accomplishments and recognitions valued at GUST, publishing in one of the FT50 journals reflects how GUST is dedicated to producing world-leading research in terms of originality, significance, and rigor”.


GUST has had many recent high profile publishing in the past year, most notably Dr. Kamaludin Dingle and Ms. Fatme Ghaddar’s research titled Phenotype Bias Determines How Natural RNA Structures Occupy the Morphospace of All Possible Shape, which was published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution. These published works further push GUST towards their aim at becoming a hybrid research and teaching university that offers the highest quality of academic education in Kuwait.