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GUST & EQUATE Award Winners in MEGlobal Case Study 2016

17 December 2016

GUST and EQUATE Petrochemical Company, a global producer of petrochemicals, awarded the winners of the annual MEGlobal Case Writing Competition to develop the academic and scientific competencies of students.


MEGlobal is a wholly owned subsidiary of EQUATE and the competition is part of EQUATE’s Sustainability Program. This is the fourth time this competition has been conducted with GUST.


The judging panel included EQUATE Senior VP and MEGlobal President Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran, MEGlobal Vice President of Projects Dr. Salman Al-Ajmi, as well as GUST’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Salah Al-Sharhan and Head of Mass Media Department Dr. Fahed Al-Sumait.


Dr. Ramachandran said, “Education and professional development are key elements in EQUATE’s Sustainability Program. This competition is an opportunity for the students to analyze hypothetical cases that reflect potential challenges they will face in Industry and put theories and ideas into real-life practices. Every year, the students have displayed their analytical abilities, strategic abilities and creative thinking. EQUATE and MEGlobal are proud to be associated with GUST and have always been impressed by the quality and the abilities of students in Kuwait.”


On his part, Assistant Professor at GUST College of Business Administration Dr. John Hayes said, “Strategic thinking and the ability to apply it are key competencies within the corporate world. As evident from the high number of participants in this competition, the students are enthusiastic about applying their theoretical knowledge to devise real-life solutions for actual enterprise-based challenges. GUST firmly believes in encouraging and nurturing the strategic direction and original thinking in our students, which are key elements for pioneering corporations, such as EQUATE and MEGlobal.”


The competition included the participation of 13 teams. Five teams, consisting of undergraduate and MBA students, were selected for the finals and developed the case studies.


At the beginning of the competition, MEGlobal provided a number of cases for the students to use in the competition. The case studies covered marketing/sales, finance, HR and management. The students were guided by Dr. Hayes, who is a renowned author and researcher, to provide strategic business solutions to actual challenges.


A special aspect of this year’s competition, were international submissions by two teams from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Although they were not competing for the prizes, the UMSL students created seven minute videos to present to MEGlobal on how they would resolve one of the cases of the competition.


The participants competed for financial prizes totaling KD 6,000 that were awarded to the five teams. The awards were KD 3,000 for first place to one team, KD 2,000 for second place split between two teams and KD 1,000 for third place divided between two teams. The winning teams were awarded by Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) CEO Mohammad Al-Farhoud, EQUATE Chairperson and PIC Deputy CEO for Olefins​​​ & Ar​​​omatics Hosnia Hashim, as well as Dr. Ramachandran.



  • First place:

MBA Team - Nourah AlOseimi and Sarah AlMulla



  • Second place:

MBA team - Carol Ghali and Heba Tallah Ibrahim

Undergraduate team - Ahmad Ali, Ahmad Al Bahar and Dhary Al Ghanam



  • Third place:

Undergraduate team - Mona Sabau and Alia Attia

Undergraduate team - Princess Al Ariss and Maram Saeed



The competition has been running successfully for the past four years, bringing MEGlobal to a total contribution of over $100,000. The university appreciates the dedication and commitment shown by MEGlobal to support and motivate GUST students to perform and compete.


Congratulations to all the winners!


Watch the competition video here:  https://youtu.be/uYFGXDegzMI