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Public Relations Club Awarded Club of the Year

23 November 2017

GUST Office of Student Life (OSL) awarded the student-run Public Relations Club the ‘Club of the Year’ award in a ceremony held in on its campus.  The award is presented annually to the club that demonstrates the most initiative, creativity, and actively inspires students by offering educational and engaging activities throughout the year. Dr. Raghad Al Kazemi, Dean of Student Affairs at GUST was present at the event to honor the winning club.


The Public Relations (PR) Club was the clear winner of this year’s award due to their exceptional presence on campus all year round and their diligent organization of 14 engaging and practical events. Their events included setting up several workshops, organizing football tournaments, a trip to the European School of Economics in London, and an ‘Iftar Saem’ campaign. In addition to collaborating with the ‘Hamad Show’, a local live broadcasted talk show, to promote the program for the whole season.



Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Raghad Al Kazemi, said, “It is my honest belief that to get an extra dose of knowledge, you need to leave the classroom.  Our clubs demonstrate that our students have a real hunger to apply what they learn in their lectures to real life situations, and create an atmosphere that is fun, educational, social, and applicable to the real world.”

The ceremony also gave out an additional award to show clubs that their efforts do not go unnoticed by the university community. The Social Club Award, which is based on professionalism and interaction with other clubs, the student body, and the GUST community as a whole, was awarded to the Human Development (HD) Club. The club managed to set up 12 events throughout the academic year which included organizing several health awareness campaigns, self-help workshops, and an ‘Iftar Saem’ campaign.



The purpose of the event is not only to recognize the efforts of GUST’s student clubs and acknowledge their hard work throughout the academic year, but to also motivate the other 18 student run clubs, and show them that GUST as a university appreciates all efforts invested by students in organizing activities. PR Club members were awarded KD 100 each totaling KD 4100, while the HD Club was granted an extra KD 400 for their budget.


The announcement was made in a gala-style ceremony that was set up in the campus’s fountain area. After giving out the awards, students enjoyed a lunch buffet to a live Spanish guitar music performance.



This year, the number of GUST clubs participating were 20, and include: The Anime Club, the Islamic Finance Club, the Media Club, the Management Club, the Accounting Club, the Talent Club, the Marketing Club, the Technology Club, the English Club, the Public Relations Club, the Debate Club, the Foundation Club, the Human Development Club, the Investment Club, the Human Rights Club, the Social Responsibility Club, the Sports Club, the Music Club, the Ruwwad Business Club, and the AIESEC Club.