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GUST Welcomes Ismail Al-Ghanim to Discuss Human Resource Management at the State Audit Bureau

7 March 2019 to 21 March 2019

In a collaboration between GUST professor, Dr. Mohammed Alnughaimish, and the GUST Student Association, the university welcomed Ismail Al-Ghanim, Undersecretary of State Audit Bureau (SAB) for a lecture. Al-Ghanim discussed various aspects of Human Resource Management at SAB. 


Al-Ghanim, a high-profile speaker with rich background and experience in HR, spoke to the audience about the employee selection process at the bureau, as well as techniques for job interviews, application tests, and compensation packages. The lecture was attended by numerous management representatives, faculty members, and students.



The audience got the opportunity to ask their own questions at the end of the lecture. It was a highly beneficial experience for all.